Blast, smash and crash your way to victory as you fight friends and foes alike for survival in the combat-driving, multi-player arenas of Novadrome™!

Novadrome drops players onto a far-away world, where they must battle against evil robot captors and fellow human prisoners in high-tech heavily armed battle buggies. Here on the planet Nova, the ruling robotic despots known as the NovaLords force their human abductees into Gladiatorial combat for their own amusement.

In order to win an event in the Novadrome arenas, the player must pick the best buggy from 26 unique vehicles that are unlocked in career mode, and then get out there and trash the opposition – assisted in this aim by picking up a variety of beam, particle and physics weapons won from rogue robot opponents destroyed along the way! The Career and Multiplayer modes feature a variety of event types played across 15 different arenas (or “Novadromes”) filled with power-ups, hazardous obstacles and crazy racing paths.

Xbox 360


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