TVR contract Stainless Games


TVR contract Stainless Games to design and develop dashboard and infotainment software for their new sportscar.

TVR are pleased to announce that Stainless Games Ltd, a video games company of over 20 years standing, has been chosen as their partner to design and develop both the digital dashboard and central infotainment GUI systems for their new sportscar. The car, the first car from the reborn TVR company, will be revealed at the Goodwood Revival in September.

Les Edgar, TVR Chairman, said “We are delighted that Stainless will be bringing a fresh approach to in-car embedded software, whilst remaining true to all of TVR’s brand values. TVR have always been different to other sportscar manufacturers, so our decision to turn to the video games industry for this work made complete sense. Stainless are both explosively creative and a safe pair of hands, so seemed a natural choice for this crucial part of the man-machine interface.”

The new digital dashboard and associated infotainment system will be on display for all to see at Goodwood in early September. TVR first used a fully virtual dashboard in the early 2000’s but technology has moved significantly onwards since then, allowing the new car to have a display that is both contemporary and elegant, whilst adding to the visceral excitement of the 400bhp-per-tonne super-coupe.

Patrick Buckland, Stainless Chairman added “I have owned four TVRs over the decades and have commuted to Stainless in every one of them, including my current Tuscan 2S. TVR has been in my blood since I fawned over pictures of the Taimar Turbo as a child in the 1970’s. To now be part of the rebirth of the marque, and to have the opportunity to make a real difference to the character of that new car, is a dream come true. Stainless has always been a maverick even within the video games industry, whilst maintaining a reputation for professionalism second-to-none. We are thus able to bring the perfect combination to TVR’s latest ballistic missile.”

As well as the prototype vehicle to be displayed at Goodwood, Stainless will continue to be involved with TVR as they bring the new car to production. Both parties are confident that this will be just the start of a new – and very loud – relationship between the companies.

UPDATE 11th September 2017: The new TVR, named Griffith, has now been revealed. Images below.