Stainless Games partners with Terra Virtua


London, UK — 30 March 2022: Terra Virtua, the sustainable metaverse and digital collectibles platform, today announced it is launching Terra Virtua Studios, which will see it create its own immersive games and integrate the brand’s exclusive VFLECT characters.

Terra Virtua Studios’ strategy is to develop and publish titles that are high-quality standalone games first, but will also include elements specifically designed for the metaverse, in preparation for the next evolution in gaming.

Terra Virtua, which works with a number of leading gaming, entertainment, and sports brands, including Legendary Entertainment and the Hero Indian Super League, will also operate the new studio as a first-party and third-party publisher.

The studio will build on existing gaming collaborations as well as partner with AAA first-party studios including Stainless Games, best known for developing Magic: The Gathering and Carmageddon, drawing on their extensive experience working with Disney, Microsoft, and EA to design and create exciting new games.

The partnership with Stainless Games will begin with the development of an action/puzzler game for PC and Mobile with a seven-figure budget, in which players will build a team of exclusive Terra Virtua VFLECT characters with unique characteristics and strengths, conquering challenges, obstacles, and enemies along the way.

VFLECTs are Terra Virtua’s own 3D-animated metaverse avatar robots, each of which has a number of unique characteristics such as animated movements, costumes, hair styles, and different accessories, ideal to take into the metaverse and transition across games.

Terra Virtua Studios will also expand its existing partnerships with games like Nitro League and developer Big Immersive, to create long-term partnerships with third-party developers, providing a platform, marketplace, and metaverse designed for future generation gaming.

The Terra Virtua team has a legacy in games, including Chairman Gary Bracey, CEO Jawad Ashraf, and COO Doug Dyer, who will oversee studio production. With over 50 years of experience between them, they know what makes a great game.

The first games from Terra Virtua Studios will be released late summer 2022, with the game in production with Stainless Games landing later on this year. Stay tuned for further announcements on this exciting new development.

Stainless Games Game Director & Co-Founder Neil Barnden commented, “We’re excited to be working with Terra Virtua on a fun integration of its highly successful, growing collection of virtual characters, in an original and innovative game. We see the Stainless Games and Terra Virtua partnership as the ideal combination of ambition, talent, and vision.”

Terra Virtua CEO Jawad Ashraf commented, “Terra Virtua has been part of the Web 3.0 revolution since the very beginning. We have always had gaming in our DNA, and Terra Virtua Studios is a big part of our wider expansion into the metaverse. As a pioneer in the evolution of VR gaming and with our own metaverse, we are uniquely positioned to bring gaming to the space.”

About Terra Virtua

Founded in 2017, Terra Virtua is a sustainable metaverse platform that provides immersive social, gaming, digital collectible and creative experiences, through its curated marketplace, interactive virtual environments, and exclusive brand partnerships.

About Stainless Games

Stainless Games was formed in 1994 and is an established UK developer. Their portfolio contains a diverse suite of titles, with many based on famous brands and IP. Stainless Games has created games in many genres, and is a world leader in Collectible Card Games and Driving/Simulation tech.

In recent years, Stainless Games has developed over 40 games and 300 SKUs on Mobile, Console, PC Steam and VR, generating multiple millions of sales and downloads. Its team is experienced in all aspects of bringing major projects to market, working with global IP, multi-format development, internal/external QA, localized content, and ongoing live-ops.