ShockRods Post Beta Developments


ShockRods is set for full release on Steam, in Q3/4 2019. Here are some highlights of what to expect (some of which coming as a direct result of feedback from our Beta tests):

Steam Friends Lobby System

One of the most requested features from BETA 2.0, there will be a lobby system that allows you to join as a group and enter a match as a group (rather than being randomly assigned to teams).

Maps and Game Modes

There will be 5 game modes and 6 maps in the release version of the game, giving even more variety to the fun you can have in a ShockRod.

ShockRods and Customisation

The variety of ShockRod designs is expanding fast, and along with the new vehicles comes the opportunity to customise them with a wide range of patterns, effects and paint.


This has always been a priority for ShockRods. As far as possible we wanted older and slower hardware to be able to run the game well, and so we’re constantly striving for performance improvements across the board. This work continues, and every week we are making gains that will allow the game to run smoothly on an ever wider range of hardware.

For more information, including dev blog posts, visit the Steam Store page for ShockRods here: up to date with the latest ShockRods news on Discord