ShockRods is out on Apple Arcade NOW!


At Stainless we’re delighted to announce that ShockRods is now live on Apple Arcade?!

ShockRods is vehicular combat dialled up to 11, in a whirlwind of game modes ranging from Deathmatch and Capture the Flag to ShockBall and more. Unrivalled agility allows your vehicles to jump, boost and flip, ensuring that the snoozers will lose. Thanks to the highly mobile ShockRods and cleverly designed levels, danger comes from all sides (including above!) in this intense, fun action-shooter.

ShockRods re-ignites the arena shooter, bringing the fight to supported Apple® devices – allowing you to frag on your Mac® at home before taking the fight mobile with your iPad® or iPhone®. Blow up opponents at your desk, in bed, on the sofa or on the train with seamless save-data migration.

Best of all, you can play with your friends, no matter which supported device they use with cross-platform multiplayer! Or if you’d prefer some alone time there are bots you can play against offline, too!

Download and play ShockRods on Apple Arcade, NOW! ShockRods is published by Apple on Apple Arcade and available to download for iOS, iPadOS™ and tvOS™. MacOS® is coming soon. It will also be available on Steam for PC on October 16th 2019, published by Green Man Gaming Publishing.Visit for details about the game, plus hints, tips and more.

Reviews of preview versions:

“Quake meets Rocket League”Eurogamer

“If an audience can form around ShockRods, it's got all the ingredients needed to be a success”Game Reactor

“an exciting experience that flies by really quickly. We can certainly imagine this game finding a dedicated fan base.”Den of Geek

“ShockRods, a multiplayer arena shooter about murdercars. In 6v6 or 12-player free-for-all, they’ll whizz around and blast each other to pieces. Carfights!”Rock Paper Shotgun Apple logo, Apple Arcade, iPad, iPhone and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Arcade is a service mark of Apple Inc.