Pledge Us Up Baby!

Today we launched a Carmageddon: Reincarnation Kickstarter campaign, with the aim of getting the Carmageddon community and the wider gaming public behind the whole new concept of crowd based videogame funding.

It's had fantastic results so far for great game projects from Double Fine, InExile and others, and we really believe that it's the future of funding for Indie studios like Stainless and their projects. The gaming fans get to back the projects they want to see; and we get to make the games that our fans want us to make.

So, head on over to our KICKSTARTER PROJECT PAGE; take a look at the video, check out the wide range of Rewards that we're offering at the various levels of pledgingness, and then spend a few bucks helping us reach our campaign goal! Together, we can continue the great crowd funded videogame revolution!