All good things happen on FREEDAYS! FREE BEER! FREE WILLY! FREE…SIAN COWS! And on this joyous day, my fellow FREE FINGS FANS, the iOS and ANDROID version of Carmageddon are FREE! It’s a FREEDAY FRENZY!

Yes, it's FRIDAY 10th MAY and the waiting is over. Today it's the ANDROID launch of CARMAGEDDON! OMG WTF DIY SOS etc..!! And as promised, the full version of the game will be FREE for the entire DAY! For 24 hours only, you can bag yourself the most fun you can have with just your thumbs for NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. DIDDLY SQUAT. SWEET Fing A. WOO!

And to make FREEDAY FRIDAY a complete FEAST, we’re also offering the iOS VERSION of CARMAGEDDON FREE TOO! Yes, hop on over to the App Store, and you’ll be able to bag a FREE iOS Carma too. WOO!! Could a Friday get any more FRIGGIN’ FANTASTIC?

Important notice to clarify any issues.
There has also been some discussion as to how we will be handling making the Android version free for the first 24 hours. This will be dealt with in the following way (resulting in 3 versions of the App being available):

  • Carmageddon PROMO – The FULL game for FREE (only available May 10th for 24hrs)
  • Carmageddon – Full game – The game has inApp purchases to unlock all cars and all tracks.
  • Carmageddon FREE – Demo version of the game

After the first 24 hours of its release, the PROMO version of the game will be removed from Google Play and will no longer be available. Subsequently, the PROMO version will be unsupported because we have no way to update the title once it's taken down.

This isn't how we would have wanted to do this but it's the only choice. It's not possible to change an app from free to paid on Google Play. So, in the unlikely event that players experience problems with the PROMO version, the solution will be to either download the FREE (demo version) version, or "upgrade" to the FULL paid version. This will only cost you £1.49 and for that, you'll be getting the full benefit of support and updates for the lifetime of the game. So c'mon now everybody, that's GOT to be more than a fair deal!

Please note: We're offering the Android version of the game at a lower price (once the paid version kicks in) than the iOS version, due to it having slightly less extended features compared to iOS. Unfortunately it isn't possible to do Action Replay Saving to YouTube on Android devices, and nor could we implement Cloud Saving or Achievements. But apart from these minor omissions, it's the same little package of AWESOME that is out there now for those iThings. So go forth, download, and get SMASHING.

Once again, we'd like to thank you all for your support and your patience while waiting for this port of the greatest little ped massacring mayhem generator to make it onto your ANDROID THINGS. We really hope you love it in all its miniature moo-moo mangling beauty, as much as we do!