We are highly experienced in PC, console and mobile videogame development, with #1 titles on each platform type.

We recently retired our proprietary rendering technology in favour of Unreal and Unity, and we continue to develop and integrate our other technologies into those engines - with the expertise to utilise these to their full potential. For example:

  • World-leading physics tech.  Stainless invented 3D videogame physics, and we continue to develop and improve this library, with the same lead coder (a doctor of physics) since 1996.
  • World’s most advanced physics-based vehicular damage system, including mathematical deformation, force-propagation, and even whole-car splitting.
  • Best-in-class driving simulation tech.  Seeded from the tyre deformation mathematical models of the ProDrive rally team, we now have game-ready technology equal to the best auto-industry simulators.
  • Flexible and extensible Collectible Card Game Rules Engine.  13 years mature, and now being used for its 8th commercial product.
  • World-class Collectible Card Game AI System.  Capable of beating Magic pro players, but also able to offer a balanced and fun experience to all players, this is equally as mature as our Card Rules Engine.
  • Uniquely-powerful Action Replay System.  Ground-breaking in its conception, this is now 25 years mature and is as versatile as it is powerful.
  • Advanced Network Play Systems, including the first networked rigid-body physics system in the industry.
  • Generalised hardware-emulation layer.

We’re currently developing titles across multiple platforms using both the Unity and Unreal engines.