Magic Duels

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Magic Duels is the best way to start playing Magic, offering endless free gameplay, regular content updates, unlockable cards, and many exciting multiplayer modes—including the return of Two-Headed Giant! Available starting July 2015.

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  • iOS
  • Steam
  • Xbox One
  • PS4

Carmageddon: Reincarnation

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Hang onto yer helmet…Max Damage is back!

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is going to reintroduce the gaming world to the original freeform driving sensation, where pedestrians (and cows) equal points and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. It’s the racing game where racing is for wimps.

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Magic 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers

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Players will find themselves dropped into the wilderness at the heart of the story: You’re not just on Garruk’s list—you’re next. The Curse of the Chain Veil has corrupted Garruk’s body and soul. His skin has paled, his flesh struck through with blackened veins. His hunter’s instinct has turned away from beasts of the wild toward the ultimate quarry—Planeswalkers! You will have to confront the deadliest hunter in the Multiverse. But, how will you defeat Garruk before he finds you?

Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers

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Ignite Your Spark with Magic 2014—Duels of the Planeswalkers and join Chandra Nalaar in a quest for revenge, introducing you to new stories and new characters! This latest version of Magic's hit Duels of the Planeswalkers video game franchise introduces players to the new sealed play game mode and makes Magic available for the very first time on Android tablet devices.

Magic 2014 is the best way for new players to discover Magic and learn how to play the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Players who are already familiar with Magic will enjoy the strategic challenge that Magic 2014 offers.

Carmageddon for iOS and Android

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Now the same classic that was BANNED AROUND THE WORLD is back and available on iOS and Android! Carmageddon features real-world environments that have been turned into killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streets at their peril. As well as using your car as a weapon, every level is sprinkled generously with power-ups that have a vast variety of mad effects, adding a whole extra level of craziness to the proceedings. In every event you have the option to “play it your way”… Waste all your opponents, kill every pedestrian, or (perish the thought) complete all the laps.

Oh and watch out – the cops in their super-tough armoured patrol vehicles are lurking, and if they catch you being bad they’ll be down on you like several tons of cold pork!

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Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013

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In the latest version of this hit franchise, play with friends or the AI as you travel across fantastic planes, take on new encounters and opponents, solve challenging puzzles, and face up to three other players in the Planechase multiplayer format. After honing your skills, pit yourself against the ultimate villain of the Multiverse, the dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas.

Featuring ten customizable decks, Magic 2013 offers new features including individual records for your game play, new game items to unlock, and, for those already skilled in slinging spells, the option to choose what lands to tap when you cast your spells.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012

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All-new and redesigned, Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 takes last year’s massive hit game to even greater heights with better graphics, more options, and new challenges!

Face off against the AI, or gather your allies for the new multiplayer format: Archenemy, where you team up to take down a boss opponent. And if one of your fellow Planeswalkers drops out, no problem–the AI will drop in for uninterrupted action! Featuring ten unique decks, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 also lets you customize those decks. As you progress in the game, you can enhance your deck by swapping in new, unlockable cards!

Gather your allies. A challenge awaits.

RISK: Factions

RISK: Factions is a brand new take on the classic world domination strategy game from Hasbro. Based on the RISK 2008 rules with a few extra twists, you can play as one of five factions, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, against AI opponents in a campaign mode with all-new maps to conquer - as well as online over Xbox LIVE®! The single player Campaign mode features five chapters, with unique maps and weapons to capture, from dams that flood the map to temples to convert your enemy's troops. Kooky humor and amazing cartoon cut-scenes bring extra fun - on top of the fun of crushing your foes to win the day of course!

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Red Baron Arcade

Red Baron Arcade is an engaging arcade flight-shooter set in World War I where the player battles numerous enemies in a vast array of levels.

Dogfight against intense computer AI in single player or wage war against 7 other aspiring "Aces" online. Take to the skies and rise through the ranks to ultimately become the "Ace" in Red Baron's squadron.

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Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering — Duels of the Planeswalkers brings the world’s premier trading card game to your living room! Play single and multiplayer campaign modes, test your skills with unique challenges, and engage online opponents via Xbox LIVE. With multiple game modes, an interactive tutorial, leaderboards, and achievements, Duels of the Planeswalkers has something for everyone! Check out for additional game details and promotions.

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Every word's a winner in this revamped digital version of everyone's favourite word game! Scrabble for DS, PSP and DSi features several variants of the game that range from the familiar classic rules to the new SCRABBLE Slam! Additionally, the game includes several practice exercises that will help improve the players' game and increase your level - to become the ultimate scrabble wonk! New In game Help means you can have access to hints and tips – such as viewing the best word available, refer to a dictionary or even peek at all the two letter words! This remastered classic includes pass and play multiplayer options (Single card) as well as connecting up to other DS devices (Multicard).

Available on:
  • Playstation Portable
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo DSi

Happy Tree Friends False Alarm

Based on the animated, international, multi-platform franchise from Mondo, Happy Tree Friends is a wildly popular Internet phenomenon that debuted as a television series on G4 TV in the U.S. and on MTV in key markets overseas. Selling over one million DVD copies worldwide, Happy Tree Friends continues to thrill audiences online and maintains its position as a top ten most downloaded podcast on iTunes. Now taking the spotlight with its very own interactive game, Happy Tree Friends False Alarm features the furry woodland creatures in a host of dismembering and ill-fated calamities.

Happy Tree Friends False Alarm is an action-puzzle game that enables players to take control of Lumpy as he tries to successfully steer the Happy Tree Friends out of harms way. Using resources such as ice and nitroglycerin to augment the dynamic 3D environments, your goal is to save the Happy Tree Friends from hilarious disaster situations and their own bad luck. Play in over 30 diverse levels, designed exclusively for Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm including mine shafts, candy factories and a museum, all of which are filled with outrageous outcomes and plenty of accidental mayhem. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm allows you to take the carnage online, as you fight your way to the top of the high score tables and unlock a completely new episode of Happy Tree Friends, created especially for the game by its creator Kenn Navarro.

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Warlords is one of the most popular games ever, having been voted #25 in GameInformers top 100 games of all time.

Pit your wits against 3 AI or human-controlled opponents as you attempt to destroy their fort and kill their king, using your shield to bounce back deadly projectiles.

This updated version features the original Warlords with added support for local play, leaderboards and achievements, as well as an evolved version that lets you play up to 4 players locally or via Xbox Live with full voice and Live Vision camera support. Blistering speeds and updated graphics ensure that this well-loved classic is brought right up to date for today’s gaming audience, as well as additional ThrottleMonkey™ modes for those who wish to up the challenge


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Considered by many to be the first true 3D game, Battlezone featured revolutionary vector graphics coupled with original gameplay and controls. With Battlezone being held in such high regard we are pleased to bring to you a perfect arcade conversion allowing you to relive the arcade nostalgia of the 1980s. Battlezone for XBLA also features a new Evolved version that brings the original's unique graphics up to date with a new contemporary style, and features multiplayer over the internet, allowing up to four players to battle it out over Xbox Live! Choose from either frenetic multiplayer combat or rekindle old rivalries as you battle for dominance over the high score table in a choice of classic, evolved or, if you’re feeling particularly brave, Throttle Monkey ™ modes

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The legendary Atari game Tempest, a nano-second perfect, pixel-perfect emulation of the original arcade hardware.

This 'evolved' version of the game which brings with it state-of-the-art graphics, special effects and Dolby Digital sound, making full use of the Xbox 360's power for a truly frenetic, immersive next-gen experience - while leaving the essential gameplay utterly unchanged.

And if you think it's too easy, try the Throttle Monkey™ mode, which ratchets up the speed for hard-core gamers and has its very own leaderboard. Are you hard enough to get your name near the top?


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Asteroids & Deluxe

Available NOW on Xbox LIVE Arcade

The download package contains the legendary Atari game Asteroids and its sequel Asteroids Deluxe, both nano-second perfect, pixel-perfect emulations of the original arcade hardware.

On top of this, there are 'evolved' versions of each which brings with them state-of-the-art graphics, special effects and Dolby Digital sound, making full use of the Xbox 360's power for a truly frenetic, immersive next-gen experience - while leaving the essential gameplay utterly unchanged.

And if you think it's too easy, try the Throttle MonkeyTM mode, which ratchets up the speed for hard-core gamers and has its very own leaderboard. Are you hard enough to get your name near the top?

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Missile Command

Available NOW on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Missile Command has topped the global Xbox Live Arcade charts in the first week of its release

Patrick Buckland, Stainless CEO, said "We are overjoyed to have been responsible for another chart-topper. This is a result of our perfect emulation technology, solid design skills and excellent working relationship with Atari. The evolved version of this fantastic title has to be experienced to be believed. We've taken the game to new levels while retaining its core essence."

Matt Edmunds, Stainless COO, added "This is the second Atari classic to be released following the recent success of the Centipede/Millipede title, and there will be more to follow."

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Centipede & Millipede

Available NOW on Xbox LIVE Arcade

The download package contains the two legendary Atari games Centipede and its sequel, Millipede which are nano-second perfect, pixel-perfect emulations of the original arcade hardware, with fully-adjustable joystick controls superseding the trackball of the originals machines.

On top of this, each game has an 'evolved' version which brings with it state-of-the-art graphics, special effects and Dolby Digital sound, making full use of the Xbox 360's power for a truly frenetic, immersive next-gen experience - while leaving the essential gameplay utterly unchanged.

And if you think these games are too easy, try the Throttle Monkey™ mode, which ratchets up the speed for hard-core gamers and has its very own leaderboard. Are you hard enough to get your name near the top?

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Novadrome drops players onto a far-away world, where they must battle against evil robot captors and fellow human prisoners in high-tech heavily armed battle buggies. Here on the planet Nova, the ruling robotic despots known as the NovaLords force their human abductees into Gladiatorial combat for their own amusement.

In order to win an event in the Novadrome arenas, the player must pick the best buggy from 26 unique vehicles that are unlocked in career mode, and then get out there and trash the opposition – assisted in this aim by picking up a variety of beam, particle and physics weapons won from rogue robot opponents destroyed along the way! The Career and Multiplayer modes feature a variety of event types played across 15 different arenas (or “Novadromes”) filled with power-ups, hazardous obstacles and crazy racing paths.

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Crystal Quest

Crystal Quest is now available for download on the Xbox 360 Live Arcade system This award-winning, fun, frenetic arcade action shooter was originally written by Stainless founder Patrick Buckland for the Mac back in 1986 - when it was the first game released for the Mac in colour. The Stainless team has taken the classic and rejuventated it - making it faster, sparklier, crazier, and with more colour than ever. As well as offering this great new next-generation version of the game with all-new graphics, special effects, sounds and gameplay enhancements, fans of the original can play Crystal Quest in classic ‘old-school’ style. For those who just can’t get enough shiny new things, there are also a number of fun Content Packages available to download, so for just a few Microsoft Points you can customise your game with even more new graphics and sound effects.

Available on:
  • Xbox Live

Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now

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The world's first high-speed internal organ liberation simulator is back in full 3D! The slaughter is bloodier, the body parts fly further, and the destruction is heavier. Crash and burn through the 3D rendered crowds with the pedal to the metal. Destroy your opponents every which way possible, the more creative the destruction, the better the rewards. No rules, no compromise, NO MERCY!

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Take the wheel as Max Damage as you plow scores of vehicles unlucky enough to be in your way. Your soundtrack will be the sound of crunching metal, the splatter of motor oil on the windshield, and the screams of skidding tires. With a white-knuckled grip on the wheel, you’ll have the choice of 23 crashmobiles (from a terrifying monster truck to a high octane Dragster) and 30+ levels of hellish fury and motorized terror.

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