Back in 1997 a small, independent game studio called Stainless delivered its first PC game to an unsuspecting world. Rich in humour, bathed in gibs, and relishing its instant reputation as the poster child for everything that’s wrong with society (and therefore right in a videogame), the smash hit Carmageddon and its successors sold over two million copies worldwide.

Of course the copyright and truck-loads of cash went to the EVIL publisher, but Stainless survives to this day, still independent, still kicking, and still releasing successful products. (Check out our other work and credentials at stainlessgames.com.)

After years of negotiation, the original founders of Stainless recently bought back ALL the rights to Carmageddon. So now it’s back in its rightful home, Stainless Games Inc., we’ve embarked on the journey that will reboot the brand, and we want YOU to join us on that journey.

Carmageddon featured real-world environments that had been turned into killing fields, where the locals stay out on the streets at their peril. As well as using your car as a weapon, every level was sprinkled generously with power-ups that had a vast variety of mad effects: gluing pedestrians to the ground or rendering them blind so they couldn't see you coming; turning your suspension to jelly or your car into solid granite; arming you with the awesome Pedestrian Electro-Bastard Ray or the Pedestrian Flame-thrower - and a whole lot more!

Carmageddon boasted a bunch of stand-out innovations: true 3D physics; dynamic car damage and repair; a feature-rich action replay system; and big, free roaming environments. Most of all, you were free to do what YOU wanted to, when YOU wanted to do it, however SILLY it might seem to anybody else.

With a host of crazed opponents and a wide variety of loopy locations, the single player game was a blast. And things got even more fun with the multiplayer games and the opportunity to send your friends to a fiery death.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation is a re-boot of everything that made the original games such a blast to play. The new game will be inspired by the classic environments, cars, drivers and power-ups from the original, but dragged screaming and kicking into the current state of the rendered art. And of course, there will be a bunch of brand new STUFF too, including true rag-doll pedestrians and physics-based power-ups that let you mess with their limbs whilst wiping away the tears - of laughter!

Multiplayer was the hidden-treasure of Carmageddon back in the dark days of LAN parties, but will now be able to be enjoyed by almost all of our players, thanks to the entire planet going online since then. The single player game will be brilliant too, thanks to demented opponents with demented A.I. brains made from demented code written by demented programmers.

Another cutting-edge feature that our loyal fans loved about the original game was the Action Replay facility, and this is also going to be coming back - but with a modern twist: You'll be able to post your clips on YouTube and other such sites. And of course we will be embracing the Social Media revolution and linking up to your Facebooks and Twitters with in-game integration so you can disturb your parents without even leaving the game.

The Carmageddon community means the world to us, and over the years a dedicated army of Modders continued to develop content for the original games. We’ll be making sure that the tools we use to craft the game are developed in such a way that we can release them as well, thus making player-generated content a central part of the Carmageddon: Reincarnation experience.